Affinity has been defined as a feeling of love or liking, willingness to be near, a willingness to occupy the same space.

It’s come to mean permeation, an imbuing. What greater joy than to co-occupy? What greater shock than what might be discovered thereupon?

Lately it’s become apparent that, over time, one can fall out of affinity, that one can drop away from co-occupation, can withdraw permeation. Life tends to beat one about the head and shoulders with blunt objects and….decisions are made. And what defines us but our decisions? Exactly. a person could go as far as to hazard the theory that this is all we are.

So my bold experiment; to permeate, to imbue everyone and everything to the best of my ability. This is gonna be interesting.

So my bold experiment


ARC, Q&A and the Long Descent of the Spirit

Preamble: heavy on Scientology terminology and philosophy. If you’re scratching your head after reading this then there were words and concepts that might need brushed up on.

OK. Here goes. This hit me while I was taking a walk one day. Or was it in the middle of the night? It’s a theory of mine, how ARC could have brought a being down.

Life is composed of affinity, reality and communication. I shan’t cover that here assuming my dear reader has covered this ground.

ARC flows in multiple directions. It’s a dynamic force. It is theta. For whatever reason, a being wants to have a third dynamic. Wants friends. Wants playmates. Wants games. Wants SENSATION. Sitting serenely on a mountaintop is perhaps slightly less thrilling than watching paint dry. Perhaps a better view?

So how does the being get involved? By agreeing. “The other kids are all using meat dolls. But they break so easily. Oh, I see! I make them vitally indisposable? Now I’m playing! What was I doing before? Something about omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence? Oh well. Better eat something. I’m hungry”.

A few billion years or more condensed into a paragraph.

How to reverse this? I believe the answer lies in generating reality, flowing outward. Encompassing and being our dynamics. We are blessed with, for the first time, a workable set of tools, with a storehouse of philosophical knowledge that proofs us, empowers us. We simply need to Put It To Use.