Recovering the Spirit of Play!

Recovering the Spirit of Play!. I would ask that you give this a read.

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Getting There

Did you ever have your eyes open up? You realized you’d never really been there? Then you found out it was already over by the time you did arrive.

A Year’s Worth of Yoga

So by this point it’s been no doubt, at the very least, minimally one full year, three-hundred-sixty-five days that I’ve been practicing yoga. Getting pretty good at it too. What I am really getting good at is doing each period of exercise to the best of my ability. Also getting good at perceiving the changes occurring in me. 

It is refreshing and uplifting to notice this or that getting simpler, some aspect or another of my physical/mental/spiritual being getting a notch or three better, stronger, nimbler, brighter.

I have also recently started mixing in Callanetics. I have been a lifelong proponent of not mixing practices. But in this case it is working out pretty darned well. The super stretching of Callanetics, it’s core strengthening, are complementing yoga very well indeed. Hard to say how different things might have been if I’d been doing this all along. However as water under the bridge I won’t worry about what might have been. 

As I noted back on 22 May of this year, longer periods between sessions makes a difference. Now, with the Callanetics mixed in the periods between are even longer. And you know what? It’s still getting even more betterer.


This has turned into a log entry, not nearly so inspired and auspicious as I’d hoped for. But that’s where I am with yoga and Callanetics 24 July 2012.



The Common Denominator

“The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank. Thetans without banks have different responses. They only have their banks in common.” (HCO POLICY LETTER OF 7 FEBRUARY 1965

This became painfully, delightfully apparent to me this past weekend in Minnesota at the 4th of July Independent Scientologists’ gathering.  There’s not a whole lot more to be said on the point than that. I invite you to take the above datum and examine your existence and dynamic interplays, see if it’s true for you. I hope you are as pleased and dragged into present time on the eight dynamics as I was.

Please enjoy this associated musical interlude