Thoughts on Art

Art is not going to be defined here. Far greater minds have plumbed those depths. I did have a few thoughts on the matter though. And I’m going to share them with you right now.

I used to think of art as a class I endured in the seventh grade. Or a building one walked through, scratching one’s head in mystery, speaking in hushed tones.

But art’s a part of each and every piece of every single day we live. Buttering a slice of bread, hanging drywall or placing explosive charges to perfectly shatter a rock face; every act has the potential of aesthetic, for that “swirl on top” that makes it someone’s pi├Ęce de resistance.

My wish, my suggestion: decide to put some art into the next thing you do. A kiss, opening a jar of mayonnaise, brushing your teeth. Hopefully you’ll catch the fever and spread it all around.