Brilliant, Scintillating, Terrifying

Earlier this evening a friend posted something on Facebook, shared an image with some text, a quote from the mystic Osho ” Love has nothing to do with somebody else, it is your state of being…” I read this in full and realized at once the great truth therein. The fundamental upon which all religion seems to be built, all faith, all truth. Or so it seems to be to me.

So I reckoned that I needed to get busy and start wearing this hat. About an hour later I felt as though I’d been through the Texas Chain Saw amusement park. The intial feeling of love, of co-occupation with the world was delicious and right. Soon to follow was the most pure, intense version of all that was the opposite of what I wanted. What appears to have happened is that I was running a very powerful process on myself, R2-40, the text of which I have pasted below.

Got myself a bit restimulated. Got myself a taste of wonderful at the same time

Here we use the discovery and principle of Ultimate Truth (see Summary of Scientology).
If one has no prior postulate and makes a postulate, then that postulate cannot be a lie.
If one then makes a denying postulate second to this primary postulate, he then has
accomplished a lie.
A prime postulate on any subject cannot be a lie. A second postulate can be a lie. In such a case, the second postulate permits the prime postulate to exist. But in such a case it is the second postulate, the lie, which persists. All second postulates depend on prime postulates
for their force.
All evil depends upon a prime postulate of goodness if the evil is to persist. The Satanists claim that Satan is God after He made the universe. A hatred of a person depends for its only strength upon a love for that person prior to the hatred. The hatred persists but only has strength from the love.
A man considers himself to be worthless. This state of mind, persisting, denotes that he
must have had a considerable opinion of himself before he felt worthless.
But beware of thinking that ‘all is good’ or ‘all is evil’. The force comes from prime postulate, the state persisting from the second postulate.

1. A doctor considers himself a good, charitable man, a wholly unselfish healer. On examination we see the second postulate persists, so his goodness must be the second
postulate. It must have force from a prime postulate it denies and so we find this doctor
entered medicine because it had more chance of easy sex. Then he denied this to himself and argued he did it from humanity. His pious mien ceases to persist and he is freed from this pose by straight- wiring the prime postulate.

RULE: Always straight- wire out a condition contradicting the condition which exists.
We have a preclear with bad legs. We see that bad legs are persisting. Thus we know that the forceful postulate is prior and opposite so we straight- wire out good legs. A man is sick because of a jilt in love. We straight- wire out not the jilt, but the times he loved the girl.
Our interiorized preclear is stuck, won’t exteriorize. We straight- wire the time he was free and so discharge the stuck (the second) postulate, and thus exteriorize him.
RULE: That which is closer to an ultimate truth (the Static) gives power to that which
contradicts it.
The process, and a vicious one it is, contains only the command, repeated over and
over, ‘Conceive a thetan’.
Caution: this is a long process. The auditor may have to remedy the havingness of the
preclear. (Do not forget SOP 8- C Opening Procedure if the preclear bogs.)
The ‘top buttons’ of the Chart of Attitudes (see Scientology 8- 8008) are the main
qualities of a Static. A Static has no quantity: it does have quality and consideration.

L. Ron Hubbard The Creation of Human Ability


Where My Intention Goes

Where to begin? These thing happen in the depths of sleep. The body’s resting and I’m prowling…somewhere.

It came to me in a flash of realization that was at once exhilarating and also just a tad bit embarrassing.

For as long as I can recall I’ve built my wishes and dreams in the little world of my mind. “Wishful thinking”, dreaming, I mocked it up and mooned over it. But intentions work where they’re placed. Creating dreams in my mind isn’t bad. But that’s not where I want them.

The last couple of days have been interesting to say the least! It’s thrilling, it’s equally terrifying to place decisions and attention into the universe around me. I’ll keep working on this exercise and provide updates.