True Power Source

“The Theta Facsimile Part III” 29 Oct 1951

You can find the governor in yourself…The governor puts the theta facsimiles of the chosen speed into use…

Just imagine yourself being able to conquer the whole cockeyed universe, doing anything you want to do, being utterly, completely unrestricted and free in all directions to do whatever you pleased – bad, good or indifferent – and being strong, powerful and unassailable. Just think of yourself in those terms. That governor starts you speeding up…

I will tell you a little mechanism that is probably going on in your mind: The second you start to think that idea unlimitedly, you start bumping into postulates where you excused the fact that you weren’t running at that speed in the past. Isn’t that right?

But if you just sit down and say to yourself, “This is the way I think about things, and I’m going to think about these things in spite of anything that comes up, you will be bringing in your own postulates against this and just knocking them out, because they come in and try to go up against it and they blow, and they just keep blowing. You have turned this speed up – you are going to be expansive and conquer everything, you know you can embrace the whole universe, you know that nothing can stop you. You just go ahead on this forward vector and you will keep running into these locks and they will keep blowing. This is practically an automatic clearing device. I don’t know how many hours you would have to sit and postulate that in order to blow everything out, but everything would blow…

If at this moment you simply made up your mind that you were handsome, beautiful, strong, dangerous, powerful, that you knew everything there was to know, that you were totally capable in any job that you undertook or any sport you undertook, and if you really believed that – and you can believe it – your face might change physically right there.

L. Ron Hubbard: The Theta Facsimile Part III, 29 Oct 1951″


Confronting With

The recent tragedy in CT has brought about an uproar, and rightfully so. Examining my reactions as well as the reactions of others has been eye opening.

A friend of mine, whom I’ve never met in person (the magic of the Internet) is a member of the news media. He felt I was attacking the media for their role. And I probably was. Looking at this microcosm opened my eyes.

When a being can’t confront a situation or set of circumstances they will put something there to do their confronting for them. If they feel endangered but cannot Itsa* to anyone, an idea or decision is used instead. This is all covered in the lectures and technical issues on service facsimiles so I won’t bore you with rehashing what LRH had to say on that point.

But yeah, this is exactly what I see happening; this is so horrific to face that some of us are putting up something in place of confront, of ARC. I surely was guilty.

This realization segued into the good old TRs Remodernized bulletin where it’s stated that a person can tend to confront with a body part.  That certainly opened my eyes!

the Brightfametexan, your faithful chronicler