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A Common Pitfall

Sage words from a sage man

Mark Shreffler at Large

If you ever counsel or manage people, this posting will be valuable for you.
Many problems begin when we take on other people’s problems as our own.  This is a chronic issue in relationships of all descriptions.  Marital, business, government.  At the heart of this assumption of problems is the desire to help – the purpose we all hold in common – so it’s an instinct born of a very social, if sometimes misguided, impulse.

People going down their own roads can create, from the sum of their own cowardices, a unique set of problems.  One can get quite tangled in these when he moves to help.

Have you ever solved a person’s problem and noticed that he then hands you another?  And then another, and another.

“Please give your grandmother a kiss or she will be upset.”  Grandmother apparently has an issue with not getting respect  or with being…

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Yoga, ARC

Well how about that?! Working away on my workout and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I’ve been disassociated with my body, out of comm with it, for such a long time. It was “over there” and unrelated. So I just let it sort of “sag”. This puts things in a whole new light…and here comes more. Being out of comm with a body because of all the ARCXs over the past however long. Gotta get back in ARC completely in order to truly be separate from it.