Admire life

Milestone Two


By Caspar

Admiration: noun 1. A feeling of wonder, pleasure and approval. 2. The act of regarding with delight (something fine or beautiful). (The World Book Dictionary)

If you ever find yourself locked in a fixed, unchangeable condition, try admiring it.

You may find it difficult to begin with, but that is why it is fixed and persistent – you have not been able to admire it. Admire the person you dis­like or hate. Your life will change.

Try this out in life. You will also find many applications for this in disseminating Scientology. Start admiring people and things about you. Startingly simple — but your life will change.

„ …and admiration is so strong its absence alone permits persistence.“ (Scientology 0-8, from Factor 14 by L. Ron Hubbard).

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Not done yet

Milestone Two

not dones

By Lana M.

I came across an article recently about procrastination.

Per the author, the reason why people delay doing something is because they are essentially only able to work for the short term gain, and generally only envision the short term reward for completing a job.

Anything that takes some time or more effort is routinely put off, as there are other more mundane and simple tasks that can create a reward.

You can see the full article here — and it reminds me of classic psychology classes I attended as a teenager.  Essentially all of life’s actions can be described as stimulus response, and in the case of procrastination, it comes down to the idea that man is always going to go for the closest and nearest reward.

The recommendation at the end of the article is that if you want to raise productivity then divide your work…

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“Why so serious?”

Milestone Two

giggling eleni

By Caspar

“Seriousness is solidity.“ (Philadelphia Doctorate Tape #25 by L. Ron Hubbard)

When you get serious, you pull in mass and key-in. You will do better in life if you are light-hearted.

This universe really gets solid when you are serious. That’s when you really get stuck with it. It slows down your particle flow because everything around you becomes heavy.

Try disseminating Scientology with a light-hearted and carefree approach.

Work to spend your day being a little flippant, playful and goofy.  Don’t get serious. Heck — we aint going to get anything sorted if we are all so serious!

“The more serious you take the game, the less chance there is of winning.“ (Philadelphia Doctorate Tape #25 by L. Ron Hubbard)

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Be a terminal

Gave me pause to think. I think do pretty OK at this. But there is always room for improvement!

Milestone Two


By Sue K

We run into all manner of people in life – of varying tone levels, and each with their own games, goals, problems and worries.

Do you know that one of the best things you can do for a person, is just be a terminal, and just let them communicate, and you communicate back?

It works with friends, with family, with work colleagues, and certainly with Scientologists.

We have been applying this principle here, in the local field. Many Scientologists, still under the radar, just need someone to talk to. They have been stifled in their communication for so long, they just want to talk, to itsa, to communicate. And if you simply let them talk, it is amazing the relief you can bring a person.

Simple – but so true. Be a terminal for someone and brighten their day.

“Communication is so thoroughly important today in Dianetics and…

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Here is their story: Ernest & Gaye Corbett

A familiar tale that’s recurred across continents.

Scientologists back in comm

Following is the first episode in our new series “Meet an SP”. Of course the first episode had to be Ernest & Gaye Corbett. Below is their version of events which makes for horrifying reading. But beyond the horror, what shines through are two people committed to a philosophy that they see can make positive change. They are far too humble to say, so we will preface their story with a little mention of their contributions to LRH and to Scientology.

  • They are Silver Meritorious contributors to the IAS. That’s $500,000
  • They are Triple Cornerstone members of the super power building. That’s $100,000
  • They have paid in excess of R12,000,000 to Ideal Orgs
  • They have sponsored the training of African Scientologists to come to Joburg to train. They sponsored flights, accommodation, food and their training. R30,000 per month for 5 years, or R1,800,000.
  • Since 1987 they have trained 4000 teachers…

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