Never need praise

Milestone Two


By Lana M.

Are you “in good” with COB?

In a recent discussion (over a bottle of wine), myself and two other former Int base staff members were discussing how the only way to survive at Int (which actually means the only way to remain on post and in a condition higher than Liability) was to be in COB’s good books.

This is not  an easy task as his moods, opinions and views change with the wind.

COB specializes in a “hey you” org board – bypassing command channels and violating the Danger formula as a routine matter – but if you receive an order from COB, direct to your post (no matter where you are on the org board or command channels), then suddenly the spot light is on you.

If you comply to that order, and get an acknowledgement – or even the rare ‘Well Done’ – then…

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