Is this Scn?

Milestone Two


By Bernie Wimbush

I have been a Scientologist for 55 years. I was disappointed on Sunday, to watch “60 Minutes” do a story on what they called Scientology. I used to think Scientology was what was written by LRH. Am I wrong?

I have listened to Ron’s Journal 68. I could have sworn that he cancelled fair game, disconnection and sec checks because of the harm they were doing to Scientology. I feel that my religion has been hijacked and held out to ridicule by some who pretend to be its guardians.

Here on TV there are these individuals harassing an ex member “for as long as it takes.” To do what? To get a being to admit he is wrong, by the use of force?

Someone hasn’t studied Service Facs or they would know that that isn’t a workable process. Or even read the Axioms where it is pointed…

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