1. The art or science of putting into action the power of spirits; or the science of producing wonderful effects by the aid of superhuman beings, or of departed spirits; sorcery; enchantment. [This art or science is now discarded.]
The above definition is from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary There’s ever so much to be said about magic; almost all of it ready touched on by greater minds and writers than I. Not gonna let that stop me though.
Truth be told, that Webster’s entry illustrates how far the subject of magic had descended from the truth, even by 1828. It was described as a means of getting other spirits to influence affairs. Why not oneself?
Stepping further and further away from one’s own causation has given more and more game. And here we are, on Earth, spinning around the sun, occupying these bodies, believing we only live once. (The only living once part is at once the saddest and most laughable).
Magic is within me. Magic is me. Magic is you. You is

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