The idea

The idea.


Our fellow man

Milestone Two


By Milestone Two crew.

One of the most basic principles of Scientology has been lost  by the general Scientology community for many years.

What happened to compassion? What happened to love for our fellow man? What happened to common decency and caring?

Unfortunately, many Scientologists today are harsh, mean, uncaring individuals.

They will abandon family members, disown their friends, flip on those they love — all with the view that they are somehow applying the group mores and being “ethical”.

But their actions are not reflected anywhere in The Code of Honor, nor what is expected or wanted of a Scientologist based on LRH policy and tech.

It is one of those paradoxes —- people acting and behaving in a way that they are convinced is correct — but their action are not supported by or reflected in LRH philosophy, policy or technology. And trying to get them see this is as…

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The Florist’s

I have a flaming, vivid memory of being taken into a florist’s shop at a very young age. From a blazing Texas afternoon into a quite cool, dark and moist cave-like environment. Glass doors dripping with precipitation. Fluorescent lighting illuminated a riotous variety of color. And the smell. It was the most wonderful sledgehammer of non-food odors I’d ever encountered.

To this day I tend to veer through the floral section when I’m in a grocery store just to bump that mental image picture.