About The Brightfametexan

A quick Google of “bright fame” will tell you a little bit more about me. Well, a variant anyway.

So we’re all on this journey. Only thing is, we don’t all know it yet. Some of us got tired of it, some of us were hurt too bad or hurt others too bad and then decided, that to keep that from ever happening again they’d start pretending. Pretending that there’s no game, pretending it’s no fun, it’s not worthwhile, “none of this ever happened!” Quiet and small and shy and shallow, skittering along down the baseboards of life.

1978; the brightfametexan snorted, coughed, sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes. The path was re-realized, the journey resumed.

This blog is an attempt to document bits and pieces of the journey of late. Unfortunately it’s about as accurate as a chimp driving a pickup down a dirt road while the dog’s got its head hanging out the window. Kinda all over the place but a hoot to watch!


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