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Those who must complain

Milestone Two


By Mark Shreffler

I’ve observed over the years that complainers have made themselves victims of the things about which they complain.

A person who sets about fixing a thing that he feels needs fixing does not go on complaining about it. Noting that something needs fixing and then fixing it is a good thing and keeps a person operating in a more constructive way.

On the other hand, people who simply go on complaining tie themselves to the mast of a sinking ship.

One can complain about a ship that is taking on water, the pumps aren’t working, the crew is mistreated and the vessel has completely changed course from the one its passengers and crew were promised when it left the port.  When it is discovered that the new Captain of the ship actually intends to sink it for the insurance he will recover with its loss, it’s time…

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1. The art or science of putting into action the power of spirits; or the science of producing wonderful effects by the aid of superhuman beings, or of departed spirits; sorcery; enchantment. [This art or science is now discarded.]
The above definition is from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary There’s ever so much to be said about magic; almost all of it ready touched on by greater minds and writers than I. Not gonna let that stop me though.
Truth be told, that Webster’s entry illustrates how far the subject of magic had descended from the truth, even by 1828. It was described as a means of getting other spirits to influence affairs. Why not oneself?
Stepping further and further away from one’s own causation has given more and more game. And here we are, on Earth, spinning around the sun, occupying these bodies, believing we only live once. (The only living once part is at once the saddest and most laughable).
Magic is within me. Magic is me. Magic is you. You is

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Is this Scn?

Milestone Two


By Bernie Wimbush

I have been a Scientologist for 55 years. I was disappointed on Sunday, to watch “60 Minutes” do a story on what they called Scientology. I used to think Scientology was what was written by LRH. Am I wrong?

I have listened to Ron’s Journal 68. I could have sworn that he cancelled fair game, disconnection and sec checks because of the harm they were doing to Scientology. I feel that my religion has been hijacked and held out to ridicule by some who pretend to be its guardians.

Here on TV there are these individuals harassing an ex member “for as long as it takes.” To do what? To get a being to admit he is wrong, by the use of force?

Someone hasn’t studied Service Facs or they would know that that isn’t a workable process. Or even read the Axioms where it is pointed…

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Never need praise

Milestone Two


By Lana M.

Are you “in good” with COB?

In a recent discussion (over a bottle of wine), myself and two other former Int base staff members were discussing how the only way to survive at Int (which actually means the only way to remain on post and in a condition higher than Liability) was to be in COB’s good books.

This is not  an easy task as his moods, opinions and views change with the wind.

COB specializes in a “hey you” org board – bypassing command channels and violating the Danger formula as a routine matter – but if you receive an order from COB, direct to your post (no matter where you are on the org board or command channels), then suddenly the spot light is on you.

If you comply to that order, and get an acknowledgement – or even the rare ‘Well Done’ – then…

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